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  1. Getting Together In The Park
    Getting Together In The Park
  2. Monthly Social Evenings
    Monthly Social Evenings
  3. Block Party & Annual Meeting
    Block Party & Annual Meeting

FPCA members hold a monthly 'social get-together’ on the last Thursday of every month which is open to all (Association members, Friends, etc) and it's a great opportunity to ...

  • Meet your neighbors and friends
  • Hear ‘news’ through some short announcements and to hear from guest speakers on local interest topics
  • Relax and have fun

The ‘social’ evening starts at 6.30pm at a local hostelry, the venue varies and is communicated by email to all members a week ahead of each get-together.

Dates for 2019 : Jan 31, Feb 28, Mar 28,  Apr 25, May 30, Jun 27, Jul 25, Aug 29, Sep 26, Oct 31, Nov 21 (*), Dec 19 (*)
(*) 1 Week earleir due to holidays

Park Clean-Up’s

FPCA members hold a monthly 'Park Clean-up' on the first Saturday of every month (April through November) which is open to all (Association members, Friends, etc).

  • ​It’s a fun activity with plenty of social time, FPCA provides all the materials (bags and pickers) to clean-up litter in the park
  • The City grades the Park for cleanliness on an unannounced Monday of the month.
  • Under the The City of Alexandria 'Adopt-A-Park' program (April to November) FPCA receives a percentage of grant money based on our monthly park cleanliness grades.
  • The the funds received from the City will in turn be spent on our beautification efforts in the park

The ‘park clean-up’ runs from 9-10am and we meet in the park. Please note, in case of inclement weather, FPCA will send a cancellation notice to all FPCA members around 8 a.m. the morning of the clean-up.

If you can’t attend the clean-up but perform a clean-up on your own, please send an email to [email protected] with the volunteer(s) name, date of the clean-up and duration (15 minutes counts as a clean-up).

In addition any litter-picking on Sunday evenings or Monday mornings will be particularly helpful because the park will be inspected on an unannounced Monday morning.

Dates for 2019 : Apr 6, May 4, Jun 1, Jul 6, Aug 3 Sep 7, Oct 5, Nov 2

Annual Block Party held on Quay Street

FPCA members hold a ‘Block Party’ usally on the first Sunday afternoon in October and it is open to all (Association members, Friends, etc) and provides ….

  • An opportunity to meet your neighbors and friends
  • An opportunity to meet City Council and Park Maintenance guest
  • An opportunity to relax and have fun

The ‘Block Party’ is an afternoon event starting at 4pm and we block off Quay Street until 7pm to enable folks to enjoy a relaxing afternoon of food and drink in a safe place.

Date for 2019 : Oct 6

Annual Meeting

FPCA members hold the Associations Annual Meeting usaully on a Sunday evening in April/May each year and it is open to all Association members and provides ….

  • Updates on the Association’s activities  and voting for FPCA Board of Directors for the upcoming membership year
  • Plenty of social time balanced with a limited amount of Association business
  • An opportunity to celebrate our beautiful park with your fellow memebrs and neighbors 

The Annual Meeting evening starts at 6.30pm at a local hostelry, the venue varies and details are communicated by email to all members 2 months before the meeting date.

Date for 2019 : Apr 28
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